Pre Intermediate level. English Speaking Club

Topic: Life Goals and Ambitions; Magic and Fantasy Worlds; Traditions and Customs in Your Culture

It will be 20 min sessions with different partners from around the world. Be polite and positive. Make sure that your connection is good and your camera turn on. For making easy your conversation it will be questions in chat. If you are late, please wait until the host invites you. ENJOY!

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Questions (Push +)

1 What are your life goals and ambitions for the future?

2 Share your aspirations in areas like work, relationships, or travel.

3 Describe how setting goals motivates you in daily life.

4 Talk about the steps you’re taking to achieve your ambitions.

5 Discuss the impact of perseverance on reaching your goals.

6 Share your thoughts on visualizing success and positive outcomes.

7 Describe a time when you accomplished a major life goal.

8 How do you overcome obstacles on your journey to success?

9 Share a personal motto or guiding principle for achieving your goals.

10 Talk about the satisfaction and rewards of pursuing your ambitions.

1 Do you enjoy stories or movies with magic and fantasy elements?

2 Share your favorite magical or fantasy tale and why you love it.

3 Discuss your thoughts on mythical creatures and magical adventures.

4 Describe a dreamy or enchanting place you’ve imagined.

5 Talk about the power of imagination in creating magical worlds.

6 Share your favorite magical character or wizard.

7 Describe an enchanting experience from a fantasy book or film.

8 How does fantasy literature or art inspire creativity?

9 Share your thoughts on the role of magic and fantasy in culture.

10 What magical power would you like to have, and how would you use it?

1 Describe a significant tradition or custom from your culture.

2 How do cultural traditions shape your daily life and celebrations?

3 Talk about the cultural festivals or events you participate in.

4 Share your thoughts on the importance of preserving traditions.

5 Discuss how your culture influences your values and beliefs.

6 Describe a unique tradition or custom from your region.

7 How does storytelling play a role in preserving cultural traditions?

8 Share the history or origins of a traditional celebration.

9 Talk about the cultural symbols and rituals you find meaningful.

10 What’s a tradition you hope to pass down to the next generation?